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Senior editor @ Cluster Mag, bringing you some of the best (and weirdest) work on arts, culture, and the Internet since 2011.

For Cluster: Why even the rich have no love for the Williamsburg condo (The Glass Problem), ruin porn and the problem of the merely disastrous (All Your Apocalypse are Belong to us), why NYC’s underground loves boat art — and what it means for the city’s future (Floating Homes and Swimming Cities), a syllabus for the study of the Micronation (Required Reading). Full archive here.

Elsewhere: An interview with Jenny O’Dell on her series¬†All The People on Google Earth¬†(Guernica), an editorial credit on the Occupy! Gazette (in collaboration with n + 1), various bloggy things on the state of journalism, labor, and anti-capitalism (Verso).

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